Freightliner: 2018 Cascadia Configurator.

Trucks are complicated. And creating a simple online experience for drivers to customize one from the ground up poses even more complicated.

After attempts by the agency to create the experience, a handful of designers designed several new concepts. Following user testing and evaluation, Freightliner selected my design.

The goal was to create something so simple that a child could understand it. My design involved lots of iconography, images and psuedo-skueomorphic elements to create less friction and allow the user to understand what they're interacting with. Even when it got down to the axles.


Creating a simple experience that allowed a truck driver to customize virtually every component of their truck was not an easy task.

Two approaches, a 'wizard' approach and an 'exploratory' approach, dominated the track for the expereince.

The result was a subtle combination of both.


University of Tennessee: Recycling.

University of Tennessee's Recycling manager asked if I would create several graphical assets for University of Tennessee: Recycling for the space of 10 months in accord with a high-school program.

During my months here, I created all print work for the university division and additional assets in conjunction with Keep America Beautiful and Tennessee State Parks.

In addition to print work, I designed and developed the division's e-newsletter format. Did you know emails don't contribute to landfills?


I created several print products to provide information about recycling and to motivate students to recycle and attend recycling events.

(Yes, they were recycled.)

Email Newsletter

To keep students up-to-date on recycling tips, news, and motivate them with a focus material for the week.

Evolution Design Redesign.

During a walk through downtown Idaho Falls, I noticed a marketing agency that seemed to be stuck in the 90's. Just for fun, I decided to modernize a piece of their look.

This redesign creates a portmanteau of the features of both uppercase and lowercase elements of "Ee" and "Dd", while hinting at both the eraser of a pencil and the iconic double slash of the web; this shows the evolution and motion from ideas on paper to launch online.

Original Logo

Hi, I'm
Preston Gull.

I'm a digital designer with a little time in the freelance and professional side of things, but creativity has been a hobby for a lifetime.

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November 2018 -

VidAngel is an American streaming video company based in Provo, UT. Currently constituting 50% of the design team.

The Tombras Group

UI/UX/Digital Design Internship

October 2016 - December 2016

Designed and developed digital experiences, assets and prototypes for several clients such as Freightliner, Orangetheory Fitness, Detroit Diesel and Gatlinburg. Designed an award-winning interface and user experience for Freightliner's New Cascadia.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - National Center for Computational Sciences

Software Development Internship

May 2016 - August 2016

Initiated design and development for modular data visualization software for new hardware relevant to the National Center for Computational Sciences' Everest Project. Functioned as a front-end designer and developer utilizing a NodeJS platform to create a desktop application that could pull statistical information from various sensors housed on the hardware. These would be graphically reported on the display in choice of meter and color.

University of Tennessee: Recycling

Graphic Design

August 2015 - May 2016

Entrusted to all graphical work this university division was in requisite of for 10 months as part of a high school program. Created physical and digital assets for Keep America Beautiful, The University of Tennessee, and Tennessee State Parks.

Work Detail

Daimler (2017)

Freightliner Configurator UI/UX, prototype development (HTML/CSS/JS).

Various Demand Detroit page mockups and animations.

Orangetheory Fitness (2016)

#ThereIsNoAfter campaign mobile experience.

Gatlinburg (2016)

Website iconography.

University of Tennessee (2015 - 2016)

Recycling division printwork.

Recycling division E-Newsletter format.

Tennessee State Parks (2015)

Seven Islands State Birding Park signage.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2016)

Project DashKit UI/UX, front-end development.

Barnes and Noble (2006)

Manga illustration in-store attraction.

Lonemoon (2015)

"Amaranth" release package design.

EnV (2014)

"Enn" music release graphics.

Jonty Kennedy (2018)


Website UI/UX

Website development.

Modulate Records (2014)


Various music release graphics.

& Various Others

Volunteer Experience

Knoxville Museum of Art


May 2013 - May 2015

Aided art instructors in teaching and managing art classes for young children as part of the art museum's summer art program.

L&N STEM Academy

Hour of Code Instructor


Taught and led an Hour of Code event (


L&N STEM Academy

2014 - 2016

Animation, Simulation, and Motion Graphics // Design Thinking III // Digital Design I // Digital Design II // Web Design

Activities: Robotics // Cyber Patriots

Maryville High School



2017 Gold/Silver Addy

Freightliner Configurator

UI/UX Design

2018 Logo Hunt 2.0 Favorite

Evolution Design

Logo Design


UI/UX Design

Web Design

Graphic Design


Sketching & Painting





Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Affinity Designer

Affinity Photo


Adobe After Effects

FL Studio



Personal Work.

Here it is.

This is a collection of sketches, renders, experiments and various other things I've done for fun throughout the years.